The founding and principal partner is Mr Lee Bon Leong, JP, PBM, LLM (Singapore) & LLB (Hons).

In practice since 1971, Mr Lee is the Senior Partner providing clients, both in Singapore and overseas, with advice not only on conveyancing matters but also on all aspects of commercial law and financial law. As a senior member of the Bar Mr Lee has been and continues to serve as a member of the Law Society's Conveyancing Rulings Committee and was also the Law Society's representative to Lawnet, a committee set up by the Government to computerise conveyancing practice. He was also appointed as one of the Law Society's representatives at the Select Committee Hearing during the revamp of the Land Titles (Strata) Act.

Mr Lee is very active in community service. He served as Chairman of the Tenders and Contracts Committee, and was a member of the Executive Committee of Sembawang Town Council since the inception of the Town Council. He was also the Chairman of the Singapore Lee Clan General Association.

Mr Lee has been appointed a Justice of the Peace since October 1998. He has also been appointed a member of the Panel for the Disciplinary Committees of Inquiry (Public Service Commission) from 1 August 2000 and had served in the Finance Committee of the Central Singapore Community Development Council. In touch with leaders in our financial and commercial community both locally as well as in the region, Mr Lee provides the firm and its clients with strategic and valued advice and guidance.

Mr Jeffrey Beh joined the firm as a Partner in 1998. He is a Barrister and a member at the Inns of Court (Inner Temple) London. He practised in London before coming to Singapore in 1975. Since then he had practised as a Partner in the firm of Messrs Y M Jumabhoy & Co which subsequently merged with Messrs Leong & Gay and was renamed as Messrs Jumabhoy Leong & Gay.

Mr Beh has more than 30 years of experience in litigation. In his early days he concentrated on criminal, commercial claims and solicitors' work. Over the last 10 years, he has conducted several major trials involving company law, securities, insurance, contract and construction law.

Aside from court work, he is an active council member of the Football Association of Singapore and sits as Chairman of the Referees’ Committee. For many years he has been active in the Singapore After-care Association, a charitable society that assists discharged prisoners and their families. In 1999 he was elected the Chairman of the Association.

Mr Sahagar graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor of Law (honours) and in 1991 was admitted as a Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple) in the United Kingdom. In 1992 he was admitted to practise in Singapore and was employed by M/s Lim & Lim as a civil litigation lawyer. His work focused on litigation relating to guarantees, factoring agreements and other contractual documents. In 1994 Mr Sahagar joined Mr. Jeffrey Beh Eng Siew at Messrs Y M Jumabhoy & Co (subsequently merged to become Messrs Jumabhoy Leong & Gay ) focusing on civil litigation including contractual claims, insurance law, securities and family law.

In January 1998 Mr Sahagar together with Mr Kevin De Souza started a partnership in the name of De Souza & Sahagar before joining the firm in 2001. Currently, Mr Sahagar specialises in commercial and company law litigation. He is a volunteer lawyer with criminal Legal Aid Scheme of the Law Society.

Ms Low graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and in 1995 was admitted as a Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn) in the United Kingdom. She was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1996. Since then she has been in active legal practice in Singapore. She started work as a litigation lawyer in M/s Chow Peng & Partners where she handled civil claims relating to construction laws, motor accident and personal injury claims, landlord and tenancy, bankruptcy laws as well as general contracts. Her next stint is with the firm of M/s Thomas Tham & Company in 1998 where she continued to practise as a civil litigation lawyer. In addition, Ms Low undertook general solicitor’s work covering family matters, adoption and probate and administration.

With her numerous years of experience in litigation, Ms Low handles all our work related to family law and also undertakes general solicitors’ work pertaining to probate and administration of estate including adoption matters.



Ms Lim Siew Kuan was admitted in 1981 to the Roll of Barrister at Law of Inns of Court of England and Wales (Middle Temple). She was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1982 and has been in practice since then. She was the partner of Messrs Teo Guan Teck & Co which was merged to become Messrs Chen & Partners. In 1999, she and Mr Teo Guan Teck became the partners of Messrs Guan Teck & Lim. Ms Lim joined the firm as consultant in 2006.

Ms Lim started with general litigation in her early days buy subsequently concentrated on conveyancing and property related matters. She, however, continues to practice estate and divorce matters as well as undertake general solicitors’ work.

Ms Lim is the Honorary Legal Adviser of the Singapore Gymnastics and sits in its Rhythmic Gymnastic sub-committee. She serves as the executive committee member of the Gymnastic Support Group of Singapore. She is also the Honorary Secretary of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society, Singapore Chapter.

Miss Chow Khiaw Sing graduated from University of Singapore with a LLB (Hons) degree in 1978 and was admitted to Singapore Bar in 1979.

Miss Chow practices for about 2 years before joining United Overseas Finance Ltd, the financing arm of M/s. United Overseas bank Ltd as Head of its legal departments. As head of the Financial Institution, she handles all of the Institution’s legal documentations, including Mortgage documents, Bill of Sales, Hire Purchase documents and all other joined M/s. Ang, Ng & Lee as a partner in 1984. As a partner of the law firm of M/s. Ang, Ng & Lee she handled conveyancing, general solicitor’s work, estate and general litigation matters. Miss Chow started her own firm of M/s. Chow Khiaw Sing & Co in 1992 which was merged with M/s. Guan Teck & Lim in 2001. Miss Chow has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Ms Lopez joined the firm as consultant in 2009. She was sole proprietor of a full service law firm from 1999 until end 2008. She is also a Commissioner for Oaths. Ms Lopez has an LLB (Hons) and LLM (Commercial & Corporate Law) from Queen Mary College, University of London. She is a Barrister of the Middle Temple and was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1992. Her primary areas of practice include Civil & Commercial Litigation, Matrimonial & Family Law, Landlord & Tenant & Property Law, General Commercial & Corporate Law and Solicitors work. She was a Group Legal Officer at Keppel Corporation and involved in contractual, commercial and corporate matters involving the whole of the Keppel Group of companies before she joined M/s Peter Chua & Partners as a Senior Legal Assistant where she concentrated on Civil & Commercial Litigation and General Commercial & Corporate Law. She started her own practice when she left Peter Chua & Partners in December 1998.

Ms Irene Lim Kwee Hong graduated from the then University of Singapore in 1974 with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree and has been a legal practitioner since 1975. She received her secondary and pre-university education in Raffles Girls’ Secondary School.

Her experience in practice has been extensive, covering a broad range of legal subjects including the areas of Conveyancing, Tenancy matters, Corporate and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Estate matters, Adoptions and Family Law, Civil Litigation and litigation related to Statutory Offences and general solicitor's work.

Whilst the bulk of her present practice focuses on solicitors’ work, particularly in Corporate matters and Conveyancing (including redemption, sale, purchase, mortgage, CPF charge and refinancing of all kinds of property such as residential, commercial and industrial property), she is still very much actively involved in the practice of the other areas of law abovementioned to varying degrees. Her more intensive experience in the past as a litigation lawyer puts her in an advantageous position in the conduct of solicitors’ work.

For some years, she has served as Tutor in Negotiations and as Examiner in Conveyancing in the Postgraduate Law Course conducted by the Board of Legal Education of Singapore, a compulsory course for all law graduands seeking to be called to the Bar to be legally qualifed as legal practitioners in Singapore.

She is also an accredited Mediator equipped to conduct Alternative Dispute Resolutions, an increasingly sought-after mode of resolving contentious matters conducted in less formal environment which has proven to be conducive to amicable settlements of disputes. In this respect, she has served as Mediator in the Small Claims Tribunal as well.

She is also actively engaged in Estate matters and occasionally, she has been invited to give talks in various forums on the subject of the making of wills and related issues of intestate succession and procedure of estate matters.

In 1982, she was admitted to the Bar in Western Australia and is therefore qualified to practise as a Solicitor there as well.